photo Explore the coral reefs of the Red Sea

Explore the coral reefs of the Red Sea

Have you ever heard about the legend that the Red Sea has been divided into two? Yes? Right. Not yet? That's okay. If it sounds like something new to you, that's not all. The Red Sea still has more than one trick. Not only for this anecdote but its component which contains extraordinary coral reefs. However, you may wonder where the Red Sea is.

Sea through the land

Red Sea is lying between Asia and Africa, connected with the Indian Ocean in the South by Bab el Mandeb and in the north the Sinai Peninsula. Despite its blue-green water, it was named Red Sea. Actually, it has explanations. Historically, Red has been used to refer to the west cardinal point since Antiquity. However, after research, scientists said that the name was chosen because of the color of the seaweed that populates the ocean and when it's dying, it leaves a red ink.

What we can do and see inside the coral reef

In the clear waters of the Red Sea, the rocky surface of the coral reef can be seen easily. It's like an oasis in the desert because it contains all the marine fauna and flora that exist there. The reef is like a fortress for them, shielding them against predators. It is really appreciated by lovers of submarine life because there are thousands of species. Exploring the coral reef in the red sea will surprise you with all the extraordinary creatures there like the parrotfish.

You can dive inside the sea and discover the coral. Meeting those millions of submarine animals is one of the best experiences you can have. From the first minutes of diving, visitors are exposed to the sensational fauna thanks to the coral reef which establishes a haven of peace for animals.

What makes it special?

You may have seen coral reefs in other places but that of the Red Sea is really exceptional because:

  •  It can resist to the heat of climate change. In fact, in other parts of the world, the reef would become white as the heat of climate is changing and increasing. It's not the case for the coral reef of Red Sea.
  •  People used to think that coral is a vegetal, and later it was thought to be a rock. Then, now research has shown that coral is an animal, which builds itself by the limestone of the water. It becomes a protection wall for other animals It's a sea inside land by separating Asia and Africa (From Djibouti to Yemen), endowed with a coral reef. The limestone is more expanded then and more protected from violence made towards nature.

How can we go there?

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