photo Be careful of sharks in the Red Sea !

Be careful of sharks in the Red Sea !

The Red Sea is the most valuable treasure for divers in the world. In addition to ship wrecks and the temperature of the water even at depth, it has more than a thousand species and different types of coral.

Small species visible only using professional devices and large underwater species, hard and soft corals that can be encountered after a few dives. However, we must be very careful because it is quite possible to meet the most dangerous species in the seabed: sharks.

Sharks from the Red Sea

Along with the innumerable marine fauna in the Red Sea, sharks can also be seen there. Most of them can be seen on the surface and others prefer to stay deep while waiting quietly for their prey. For this purpose, the Red Sea is home to both harmless and dangerous sharks including:

  • The whale shark: Located in the Giftun Islands, especially on the coast of Hurghada, these harmless sharks are rare and you have to be lucky to see them during the day. This type of shark is only seen in four corners: Ghalleb Harbor, Al-Fanous Area, Dealus Site and the middle of the two Giftun Islands.
  • The gray reef shark: this kind of shark is numerous and is the one who is enjoying the company of several divers. Some even approach them to to feed them. The best is to avoid this shark and watch it only from distance.
  • The leopard shark: like the nurse shark, both remain in the shallow waters and especially around the reefs. To avoid any bite, it is best to come with a guide or a diver who knows very well the aquatic environment of the Red Sea.
  • Tiger and makos shark: magnificent sharks certainly very dangerous; they live in the south of Egypt.

Avoid any risk

In fact, a Red Sea shark has killed someone near a beach resort. Although steps have already been taken and security measures reinforced after this accident, a dive without a guide or without full knowledge of the area is at very high risk. To prevent this from happening again, it is important to respect the limits imposed because beyond that, it is sure to come across sharks and it will be difficult or even impossible to rescue anyone in danger.

Then, you have refrained from swimming at dawn even on the wide coasts because there are sharks that like to linger around during the night. Muddy and unclear waters are the favorite places for sharks, as are those with multiple fish. So, for your safety, stay away from these places.

Holidays in Egypt away from the sharks

Not to enjoy the Red Sea once you arrive in Egypt is out of the question. Although there are sharks, you can be safe and dive without any worries in the depths of the warm sea.

To do this, visit the Opodo website, you can find service providers who are familiar with the Red Sea and its surroundings so that you can explore all the underwater species for hours without any risk. Opodo will also offer you a rate including full services that suit your desires and your budgets.