photo Discover ship wrecks while diving in the Red Sea

Discover ship wrecks while diving in the Red Sea

The Red Sea or the warm sea is simply a huge aquarium with underwater life covering rare species including various fish species and corals. Indeed, it is the home for more than 1,000 species of invertebrates, 200 kinds of corals and more than 300 fish.

The main reason for discovering its underwater background is simply the fact that it is the only water that has a constant temperature up to 200 meters below with unique water clarity. Beyond that, visitors can discover the treasures of the past that are shipped wrecks. Remnants of ships dating from years or centuries circulated by polychrome fish and reefs all around with plants bringing even more charm.

Discover wrecks for the first time

From above, you can see the clarity of the sea. In the deepest waters, the sensations rise thanks to the discovery of species and wrecks of boats. Drop anchor and explore shipwrecks such as:

  • The Thistlegorm: sunk in 1941, it is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Hit by two bombs, this boat was sinking with cars, motorcycles and other old equipment. Inside is cargo ink and military equipment. The diving cruise is more beneficial to explore other ships.
  • The rosalie moller: perfect also for a diving cruise, you will be captivated by the setting of the Sha'ab Abu Nuhas site, a dangerous reef stretching towards the Suez Canal that has gripped various ships. The remains of these are covered with coral and harpies. During the day, it offers an exceptional dive with sparkling lights everywhere.
  • The Salem Express: perfect for a stay, this place is located in the Southeast of Safaga. Sunk in 1991, it is a valuable and monumental place. Absolutely to discover, this wreck offers a journey to the heart of the incomparable underwater world.

Spectacular wrecks in every way

From the surface, the dark effect of the ships seems to be frightening; however, as you move forward, you can see a bright world of hidden treasures that only the bravest and most fortunate ones can appreciate. The ruins of Jordan for example are breathtaking.

Taking a holiday in Aqaba, you can enjoy the beautiful weather and adventures that this place offers. Amateur or beginner, you will enjoy the unique exploration of your life through the various ship wrecks including that of Jordan with wildlife refuges, a discovery tank and their army.

Travel dipped in the Red Sea

Apart from discovering the sites and historical monuments of a country, you can explore other places like the seabed. The underwater world seems so vast and unattractive by not taking into account the clarity of the waters.

However, by diving properly, you enter a new world so different from the surface of the earth. To live these experiences, travel quietly from your home to the Red Sea by booking on Opodo, the best online travel agency of all time. With a simple search, you can find what you want to organize your stay anywhere in the world with Opodo.